We offer you a wide range of tiles for your inside and outside spaces. You will be amazed by the numerous materials, the colors on offer and the different looks: Cement type, metallic, marble, polished, natural stone, pebbles… There is something for everyone


    Porcelain tiles is the most used floor ceramic tile and for good reason, ultra-solid, it resists wear, abrasion, trampling, and stains. Its porosity is extremely low; therefore it is very easy to maintain. The tiles are very thick, allowing easy installation, even with large formats.

    Porcelain tiles can be finished off in various ways (enameled, polished, non-slip). The porcelain tile can be made to imitate natural stone and marble. It can also take the color and appearance of materials like wood, fabric, and even leather and metal. Recommended for high traffic areas


    Ideal for living areas and mainly used indoors, this glazed stoneware has interesting technical features that make it a versatile ceramic for multiple surfaces.

    Low porosity and high strength make this tile product also suitable for locations exposed to stains, wear and moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

    This ceramic offers more creative freedom, due to its way of being heated; it can give the surface shades with complex aesthetic effects.


    Wall tiles is the ceramic that usually adorns the walls of kitchens and bathrooms as it is very shiny. It is highly resistant to wear and tear and easy to maintain with its enamel surface.

    Not suitable for outdoor use as very slippery.


    The stone tile fits in with panache in modern interiors, and its patina brings an extra touch to a home. Making the choice of natural stone is to opt for an authentic tiling, a noble material, synonymous with strength and durability. It offers all the natural shades through the disparity of its tone, the presence of veins and irregular patterns.


    Granite tiles are very durable and commonly used for flooring both inside and outside. Granite is one of the most resistant to mechanical and chemical agents. It is a natural stone: not porous and it resists water and stains. It is easy to maintain with vinegar water and mild detergent.


    Marble is a majestic stone that offers many advantages: durable and highly polished, it has a bright surface finish that can be aged or weathered. Nevertheless, under its tough appearance, marble is a delicate material that requires regular maintenance.


    Dating back to ancient interiors, terracotta tiles stand the test of time and retain their youth as witnessed by its incomparable strength.

    Recently, it has found its place in contemporary interiors, providing beautiful modern decor, with its warm and colorful hues. Terracotta tiles have advantages that make it a tile suitable for any interior; it can also be used outside. Terracotta is still very porous but it is less resistant to stains and therefore requires a water repellent and stain treatment.


    The primary objective of the glass block is to create divisions or partitions by providing maximum light. The glass brick naturally finds its place in bathrooms kitchens and also in living rooms: glass bricks are available in a variety of bright colors or pastels


    Mosaic has transparent hues, brilliant colors and many facets according to your taste. It can line the wall of your kitchen, your shower, even the floor of your living room, the bottom of your pool or outdoors! Mosaic tiling has the advantage withstanding wear, stains and moisture.


    The glass mosaic tile is used for the construction of wet spaces such as bathrooms and swimming pools. It is the ideal material for the creation of frescos thanks to its ability to adapt to rounded surfaces.


    Ideal for wall decoration, our strips can be used in particular for creating friezes to beautify your walls in a simple and aesthetic way.


    Completing the floor layout, plinths or skirting must be chosen and arranged carefully. Aesthetically, they must match the main wall tile and on a practical level, plinths are essential to seal the floor.


    Profiles, braces, expansion joints, strips .... You will find here all the necessary accessories for the installation of your floor.


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